Recorded Event: Migratory Dragonfly Short Course in Vermont

This course is intended for anyone interested in dragonflies and in contributing to our growing knowledge about dragonfly migration in North America. Learn about dragonfly life history, ecology, conservation, and migration and develop key skills to identify dragonflies. Whether you are a novice or a pro when it comes to dragonflies, learn how to become a volunteer citizen science monitor and help us explore the amazing but understudied phenomenon of dragonfly migration!

Watch a recording of this workshop on the Vermont Center for Ecostudies Google+ page Google+


Dragonfly Conservation Webinar

Watch the archived webinar

The presentation focuses on the ecology and habitat of dragonflies and their conservation needs. Specific topics will include the unique habitat requirements of dragonflies and how to manage wetlands to maximize dragonfly abundance and diversity. This webinar is sponsored by the USDA NRCS National Wildlife Team located at the Central National Technology Support Center.



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