WANDERING GLIDER (Pantala flavescens)

Pantala Flavescens 01 thumbnailPantala Flavescens 02 thumbnailPantala Flavescens 03 thumbnailPantala Flavescens 04 thumbnail

  • flier (broad hindwings)
  • medium size (length 2 inches, wingspread 3 inches)
  • yellow to yellow-orange all over
  • eyes red, face yellow to orange
  • prominent dark markings down center of abdomen
  • clear wings

Wandering glider (3D image)

Individuals move north from tropics during summer (farther north in East than West), breeding along the way. Migratory flights south in fall, presumably their offspring but poorly known. Most widely distributed dragonfly and highly migratory through all of its worldwide range.


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