Observation Details

General Observation Information

Observed By Kat Coates
Submitted By Kat Coates
Collection Date June 20, 2019
Observer Arrival Time 9:00 AM
Observer Departure Time 11:00 AM
Vouchers Observation Notes


Name Ranch
Notes May 5, 2019 -cleaned ponds this year 200+ blue dragonflies hatched, scarlet - 4, white tail - 2,
Latitude 39.25800 N
Longitude 121.00200 W
Elevation 2,000 meters


No weather data provided

Flight Behavior

Minimum Height 1 m
Maximum Height 6 m
Behavior Description they seem to get along and not be too territorial
Proportion Observed All
Flight Type Circling
Flight Direction
Observed Behaviors patrolling

Observed Taxa


Identification Confidence

Percentage of Flight

Dragonfly High 100 %

Coincident Taxa

Description of Coincident Taxa female mallard with 6 chicks, 6 green frogs, 1 male garter snake looking for food, 1 fish

Point Counts

Point counts were not provided
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