Observation Details

General Observation Information

Observed By OBCWE WRC
Submitted By OBCWE WRC
Collection Date August 9, 2019
Observer Arrival Time 11:15 AM
Observer Departure Time 12:00 PM
Vouchers Observation Notes


Name OBCWE Yard
Latitude 36.37476 N
Longitude 75.83310 W
Elevation 1 meters


Precipitation Scattered Clouds
Cloud Cover %
Wind Speed
Wind Direction
Temperature 28 °C

Flight Behavior

Minimum Height m
Maximum Height m
Behavior Description were flying fairly high, but not above tree tops
Proportion Observed
Flight Type
Flight Direction
Observed Behaviors patrolling

Observed Taxa


Identification Confidence

Percentage of Flight

Common Green Darner High 100 %

Coincident Taxa

Description of Coincident Taxa Eastern Pondhawk: 10 total counted; 1 male 7 female/immature males; 2 of the females/immature males captured and closely observed Needhams: 5 total counted; 3 Males 2 Females/immature males; the 2 females were captured and observed closely, one of the captures may have defecated upon being handled and was missing the tip of the right hind wing but was still able to fly well Birds seen: Eastern Mockingbird, Morning Dove

Point Counts



Individuals Counted



11:15 AM 12:00 PM 4 0.09 cannot guarantee point count is devoid of resightings, cannot guarantee point organisms were migrating or migratory, one sighting from a significant distance
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