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General Observation Information

Observed By Linda Fink
Submitted By Linda Fink
Collection Date September 11, 2019
Observer Arrival Time 5:00 PM
Observer Departure Time 5:30 PM
Vouchers Video
Voucher Media
Anax junius migration, Nelson County, Virginia, 11 Sept 2019, filmed by Linda Fink


Name Cub Creek Rd. Roseland VA
Latitude 37.84045 N
Longitude 78.98126 W
Elevation 512 meters


Precipitation Overcast
Cloud Cover 100 %
Wind Speed Calm
Wind Direction
Temperature 32 °C

Flight Behavior

Minimum Height 0 m
Maximum Height 10 m
Behavior Description Many dozens of darners cruised around my backyard, from just above the grass to higher than the tree canopy. I've never seen anything like this (and I'm an old-ish entomologist.) Closest pond is 1/3 mile away. At 6 pm the dragonflies were gone.
Proportion Observed Some
Flight Type Swarming
Flight Direction
Observed Behaviors other

Observed Taxa


Identification Confidence

Percentage of Flight

Common Green Darner High 100 %

Coincident Taxa

Description of Coincident Taxa One ruby-throated hummingbird seemed very interested in the swarm. It perched and watched, then flew among them.

Point Counts

Point counts were not provided
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