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Observed By Kim Chmura
Submitted By Kristin Gnojewski
Collection Date August 3, 2021
Observer Arrival Time 12:00 PM
Observer Departure Time 2:00 PM
Vouchers Observation Notes


Name Kathryn Albertson SE
Notes Pond in SE part of park with island and pavilion.
Latitude 43.61430 N
Longitude 116.22730 W
Elevation meters


Type Created wetland/pond
Type Pond located in urban city park. Shallow water with some emergent vegetation. Muddy bottom (little gravel or cobble). Pond is partially drained in winter. Some overhanging vegetation and nearby trees.


Black Saddlebags (Tramea lacerata)
Abundance common (5-20)
Sexes: female
Stages: adult
Behaviors: egg-laying
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