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Observed By Melinda Lindsey
Submitted By Kristin Gnojewski
Collection Date August 12, 2021
Observer Arrival Time 10:30 AM
Observer Departure Time 11:30 AM
Vouchers Observation Notes


Name Warm Springs Pond
Notes Small pond surrounded by willows and some mature Black cottonwoods. Cattails and rushes are abundant in pond. Area immediately adjacent is open space, lacks large trees. Golf course is located about 1/4 mile away.
Latitude 43.60100 N
Longitude 116.17400 W
Elevation 2,726 meters


Type Created wetland/pond
Type Partially seasonal pond. Abundant cattails and rushes. Mature black cottonwoods and willows surrounding pond. Shallow (less than 10 feet) deep throughout entire pond.


Black Saddlebags (Tramea lacerata)
Abundance uncommon (1-4)
Sexes: male
Stages: adult
Behaviors: patrolling
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